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Manage your DeFi positions with the most comprehensive portfolio tracker ever built.

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Portfolio Dashboard & Risk Analytics

Everything to Understand Your DeFi Positions

Treehouse helps you take seamless control of your DeFi positions. From profit & loss to portfolio risk analytics, our platform analyzes transactions and public blockchains to make data meaningful for the everyday DeFi investor.

Cross-Chain Dashboard

Monitoring your DeFi assets across different chains can be cumbersome. We’re solving this one blockchain at a time starting with BSC, Ethereum and Solana.

01Cross-Chain Dashboard
Accurate and Reliable

Our systems are connected to live nodes and modeled after TradFi institutional databases ensuring consistently accurate and reliable data.

02Accurate and Reliable
Comprehensive Analytics

Managing your DeFi positions can be daunting. We’re providing you with the most detailed DeFi analytics to help you make the best financial decisions.

03Comprehensive Analytics

What is Treehouse?

Delivering Data,
Analytics, & Risk
Management Solutions
To DeFi Users

At Treehouse, we're building the infrastructure required to bridge the next wave of mainstream DeFi investors. Our platform analyzes blockchain data to run algorithms to make data meaningful.

We strive to make the complex simple and to bring about understanding through curated information, portfolio analytics, in-house metrics, and innovative tools designed to make DeFi easy.

Portfolio Dashboard & Risk Analytics
Portfolio Dashboard & Risk Analytics

A chain-agnostic portfolio dashboard that provides users with a snapshot of their current and historical DeFi positions and a standard to analyze risk.

Risk Management Solutions
Risk Management Solutions

From algorithms to hedging protocols, our platform combines a suite of features to enable DeFi investors to be confidently maneuver and protect their assets.

DeFi Innovation & Community
DeFi Innovation & Community

An environment for users to grow and innovate. Treehouse helps you connect to verified stakeholders within the DeFi ecosystem.

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