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What Is It?

Alpaca Finance is the first leverage yield farming protocol on the BNB chain and has been deployed on the Fantom network as well.

About Alpaca Finance

Alpaca is the largest lending platform allowing leveraged yield farming on the BNB chain. Launched in February 2021, it is ranked third in total TVL on the network with US$766.93M (as of 16 March 2022). The project is a fair-launch project with no pre-sale, no investor, and no pre-mine. The protocol currently runs on the BNB chain and the Fantom Network. 


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Tokens and Tokenomics


  • 10% of the 19% performance fees for yield farming positions on the single-asset CAKE vault is distributed as Protocol APR to ALPACA governance vault depositors. 
  • 4% of the 5% of every liquidation bounty that any liquidation bot receives as a fee, goes towards buybacks and burns of the ALPACA token.
  • 10% of 19% of the lending interest that lenders earn goes towards buybacks and burns of the ALPACA token.
  • Proceeds from occasional revenue generation events go to ALPACA buyback & burn, such as 20% of the revenue from the Alpies sales which summed to $1.25m
  • 2.5% of 5% royalty fees on Alpie NFTs sold in the secondary market go to ALPACA buyback & burn.
  • 5% of 9% of AUSD’s Auto-Farming Performance Fee, which is from rewards earned from farming the collateralized assets in AUSD positions in Alpaca Staking (and potentially external protocols in the future) will be used for buyback & burn.
  • 1% of 2% of Stability Fee charged on each AUSD debt position will be used for buyback & burn.

Supply and Distribution

alpaca finance supply and distribution


Leverage Yield Farming

alpaca finance leveraged yield farming

Similar Protocols

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  1. Alpaca Finance Documentation –
  2. ALPACA Token Address (BNB Chain) – 0x8F0528cE5eF7B51152A59745bEfDD91D97091d2F
  3. ALPACA Token Address (Fantom Network) – 0xaD996A45fd2373ed0B10Efa4A8eCB9de445A4302

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