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What Is It

TEN is a yield optimizer that simplifies staking and yield farming on the BNB Chain .

About TEN Finance

TEN simplifies the staking process within the most liquid BNB liquidity pools while providing robust yield earning opportunities for users. With simply a click and an easy to use dashboard, TEN automatically provides user liquidity to liquidity providers (LPs), allowing users to earn high annual percentage yield (APY) rewards in a seamless and streamlined process. At time of writing, TEN Finance total value locked (TVL) is at US$3.5M. TEN Finance also features a multi-chain lending protocol called LEND protocol.

Token and Tokenomics

TENFI is the reward token for TEN Finance. Users are able to earn TENFI via staking with vaults on TEN Finance. TENFI tokens can be used to claim TEN Lots which makes users eligible to earn passive income through YIELDEX and the LEND platform.


  • Total supply: 256,000,000
  • Initial supply: 5,120,000
  • Token type BEP20

Total supply of tokens is distributed as such:

  • Public Distribution 5.12M (2%)
  • Staking Rewards 250.88M (98%)
    • 128,000 $TENFI emitted per day


What Is It

LEND is a multi-chain lending protocol under the parent protocol of TEN Finance that is currently on BNB Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum.

About LEND

Unlike other lending protocols that do not accrue yield to its native token holders, LEND rewards users with real yield by extracting and sharing the actual revenue generated by the protocol and distributing straight back to LEND holders. At time of writing, LEND protocol is conducting its whitelisting process for the LEND token private sale. LEND was built by an experienced team with more than 50 years of combined experience in the Traditional Finance field. LEND is also audited extensively by PeckShield.

Token and Tokenomics


LEND is the native token at the center of the LEND ecosystem, and the key to earning passive income from the LEND protocol. LEND can be earned by supplying assets, providing collateral, receiving it as share of platform revenue, or by buying it directly.

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Initial supply: 14,250,000
  • Token type BEP20/CRC20/ERC20

Total supply of tokens will be distributed as such:

  • Seed Round 120M (12%) – 5% available at TGE, then 4-month cliff with monthly linear vesting from month 5 to 15 at 8.64% per month
  • Private Round 75M (7.5%) – 15% available at TGE, then 3-month cliff with monthly linear vesting from month 4 to 12 at 9.44% per month
  • Public Round 5M (0.5%) – 15% available at TGE, then 1-month cliff with monthly linear vesting for 5 months at 17% per month
  • Lenders and Borrowers 400M (40%) – 5-year emissions
  • LEND LP Rewards 150M (15%) –  5-year emissions
  • Airdrop 100M (10%) – 3-month cliff, 25% released every 90 days, must hold TENFI tokens to maintain aidrop, otherwise disqualified
  • Collaborator Incentives 75M (7.5%) – 3-month cliff, 25% released every 90 days, subject to longer terms
  • TEN Finance Developer Team 75M (7.5%) – 24-month cliff, then linear vesting over 5 years.

*TGE = Token Generation Event


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