What Is It?

An AMM-based DEX native to the BNB Chain.

About PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap is the BNB Chain’s largest protocol in trading volume and TVL. The protocol was launched in September 2020 and sits at a TVL of $4.59b, hosting between $400m to $600m in trading volume on a normal day. PancakeSwap has since grown to become more than a decentralized exchange, offering many other products such as an NFT marketplace and a lottery pool.


Tokens and Tokenomics 


  1. PancakeSwap Documentation – https://docs.pancakeswap.finance
  2. CAKE Farms – https://docs.pancakeswap.finance/products/yield-farming/how-to-use-farms#finding-your-farm
  3. Syrup Pools – https://docs.pancakeswap.finance/products/syrup-pool
  4. CAKE token address – 0x0E09FaBB73Bd3Ade0a17ECC321fD13a19e81cE82

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