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At the core of Treehouse is our DeFi analytics platform, Harvest. We spent much of our early days building the foundation necessary to make Harvest the best and most reliable portfolio analytics platform on the market. To ensure the information and analytics shown on the platform are always accurate and reliable, our systems are connected to live nodes and styled after the kind of databases used by professional TradFi institutions.


The Portfolio Overview dashboard displays metrics common in TradFi applications and provides users with a quick overview of how their net worth has changed over time. Users can toggle the view by filtering asset type and time horizon and view their positions broken down by the blockchain network.

The headline figures of the Portfolio Overview chart give users an accurate view of their Net Worth, which is defined as the sum of their Wallet Assets and Productive Assets less Liabilities.

Net Worth = Wallet Assets + Productive Assets - Liabilities

Total Wallet Assets: Total digital assets held not interacting with smart contracts

Productive Assets: Total digital assets held interacting with smart contracts

Total Liabilities: Total digital assets borrowed


Existing DeFi portfolio solutions cannot pinpoint the source of users’ profit and loss (P&L) in detail. Treehouse's technical architecture, which indexes the entire blockchain, enables our DeFi Analytics dashboard to show users exactly where their P&L is coming from.

The historical P&L presented on the dashboard will date back to the first transaction made using the particular wallet or address. The P&L breakdown can be calculated and displayed on a weekly, monthly, or lifetime-total basis. The P&L for any period is segmented into seven key components: Rewards Earned, Interests Earned, LP Fees earned, HODL P&L, Delta, Interest Paid, and Impermanent Losses across that same period.

P&L = Rewards Earned + Interest Earned + LP Fees + HODL P&L + Delta - Interest Paid - Impermanent Loss

Rewards Earned: Digital assets attributable to rewards earned from staking and liquidity mining

Interest Earned: Digital assets attributable to interest earned from savings and lending

LP Fees: Digital assets attributable to fees generated from LP

HODL P&L: LP principal delta; hypothetical P&L attributable to not entering into LP positions and HODLing the underlying assets instead

Delta: The change in value from point of entry for non-LP positions

Interest Paid: The incurred interest expense from borrowing digital assets

Impermanent Loss: The loss from providing LP vs. HODLing, excluding interest and rewards earned


Our Productive Assets Analytics page provides a deep dive into users’ P&L on a protocol level, helping users identify which protocol positions work best for them.



The Summary section displays key metrics, including the quantity of tokens deposited, as well as current position value, unrealized P&L, and LP fees earned.

Interest & Rewards (IR)


The Interest & Rewards section calculates the annualized time-weighted rate of return considering claimed and unclaimed interest and rewards, and provides a projection of interest and rewards that are likely to be earned over time.

Current P&L


Current P&L provides the user with a helpful visualization of the components of position’s current P&L, providing key actionable information about the position at a glance. The accompanying table allows the users to view the P&L components in a more detailed manner.

Historical P&L


The Productive Assets Analytics page also displays Historical P&L dating back to the initiation of the position.

The Canopy Collective, Insights, Learn DeFi, & More!

Treehouse strongly believes that knowledge transfer is key to driving financial inclusion. In line with this belief, Treehouse is seeking to democratize access to information in the Web3 economy with high-quality research and well-curated insights made available to everyone for free.

Our platform will function as an information hub for DeFi users, built by a network of analysts providing world-class fundamental and technical analysis and commentary across both cryptocurrency and traditional asset classes. To begin with, articles will be produced by an in-house team consisting of former researchers from institutions such as Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, and Point72. Soon, we will open a portal to allow our community members to publish content and earn rewards!


Where technical commentary on cryptocurrency markets is published daily alongside related fun facts and statistics.

Discord Events

A calendar of community events regularly hosted by the Treehouse team to cultivate a well-informed and engaged community.


The Canopy Collective

A daily email newsletter condensing the latest financial news into key insights and quick reads.

Learn DeFi

A compendium of evergreen articles ranging from fundamental ‘How to’ guides to thought pieces on various Web3 topics.


Deep-dives and technical analyses on thematic Web3 topics and DeFi protocols, published by Treehouse’s in-house research team.

Harvest & Beyond

In our next phase, Treehouse will launch a hedging platform to enable users to take immediate and seamless control of their DeFi positions. Beyond that, we are working hard to bring to life a pipeline of features and protocols to make DeFi easy for you. Stay tuned!

Last modified: May 2022