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Treehouse Documentation



Our Vision

To empower people to confidently navigate DeFi.

Our Mission

Build the best platform to deliver data, analytics, and risk management solutions to DeFi users and to drive community innovation.

Who Are We

Treehouse was founded in 2021 with the goal of bridging traditional finance (TradFi) with decentralized finance (DeFi).

We believe that blockchain technology is one of the most disruptive innovations of the 21st century. However, the sector is still in its infancy and lacks the tools for users to fully harness its power.

At Treehouse, we are building the infrastructure required to empower DeFi users and the next wave of investors to confidently navigate the space.

Our products will help level the playing field by providing institutional-grade tools to everyday people. We strive to make the complex simple by bringing curated information, comprehensive analytics, in-house risk metrics, and innovative tools designed to make DeFi easy.

The Why

Treehouse’s driving principle is financial inclusion. We believe that people should have access to the right tools to confidently navigate DeFi.

In today’s financial system, the everyday person lacks access to financial services that should be available to everyone. DeFi enables underserved and underbanked communities to access financial products such as borrowing and lending, liquidity channels, and more. Through Treehouse, people are empowered to fully understand their DeFi positions and risks so that they can make better financial decisions.

DeFi Portfolio Dashboard
      and Risk Analytics
DeFi Portfolio Dashboard and Risk Analytics

Navigating DeFi is a highly onerous task, and investors are often left to fend for themselves. Many delve into protocols without a proper understanding of the risks involved. The core focus of Treehouse is to build a multi-wallet, chain-agnostic dashboard that provides users with a comprehensive view of their current and historical health.

A One-Stop-Shop for Risk Management
A One-Stop-Shop for Risk Management

Treehouse will allow users to act on real-time information and make risk management decisions at the click of a button. From algorithms to hedging impermanent loss and protocol default, our platform will combine a suite of features to make the everyday investor confident when navigating DeFi.

An Avenue for DeFi Innovation & Community
An Avenue for DeFi Innovation & Community

Treehouse’s raison d'être is the ecosystem. Our users are the beneficiaries and drivers of where our organization moves. We firmly believe in helping our community thrive by providing an avenue for users to connect, grow, and innovate. Our users will ultimately benefit from this symbiotic relationship and bear the fruit of the final form of Treehouse.

How We Do, What We Do

We are a digital asset analytics platform that leverages blockchain data to provide real-time, chain-agnostic positional data and tools for DeFi users to manage and understand their risks.

Our platform analyzes transactions and data recorded on public blockchains to run algorithms and formulas that make data meaningful.

5 Core Pillars

Our approach revolves around the everyday user and is premised upon 5 core pillars that anchor all aspects of our product development.


The building blocks of reason and calculation, we index and manage data to make the most sense of it.


We systematically discover, interpret, and communicate data to help users make effective financial decisions.

Risk Management Solutions

We build tools to equip our users so they can understand, protect, and hedge their DeFi positions.


The spirit of distributed technology - we work closely with our community to support and build products.


Build, Improve, Adapt, Repeat.

Who Are Our Users

Our users are everyday retail people and institutional investors that are active participants in the DeFi and Web3 ecosystem.

They seek transparency, platform reliability, security, and meaningful data.

Last modified: May 2022