In case you missed it, BNB Chain Community hosted Treehouse’s first ask me anything (AMA) session on their Telegram. Bryan, our COO and Co-founder represented us to introduce Harvest to the BNB Chain Community. Read on to find out how the AMA went!

Part 1: Introduction

BNB Chain Community Martian: Please give us a brief introduction of yourself.

Bryan: Hi BNB Chain Community!

I am Bryan, Co-founder and COO at Treehouse. Most of my day-to-day work entails ensuring the company runs smoothly at Treehouse. I also oversee and guide the design of our products.

Looking forward to having a good AMA session with all of you!

BNB Chain Community Martian: Before we begin, could you introduce Treehouse to our community?

Bryan: Treehouse is fueled by one driving principle—financial inclusion. This principle translates to our mission to build the best platform to deliver data, analytics, and risk management solutions to decentralized finance (DeFi) users and drive community innovation.

Our products will level the playing field by providing institutional-grade tools to everyday people. We strive to simplify the complex by bringing curated information, comprehensive analytics, in-house risk metrics, and innovative tools to the space.

Our flagship product, Harvest, is the most comprehensive portfolio analytics platform available in DeFi. The platform deconstructs users’ DeFi positions to analyze risk, historical data, and profit & loss.

Part 2: AMA Session

BNB Chain Community Martian: How is BNB Chain supported by Treehouse?

Bryan: BNB Chain is the first blockchain supported by Harvest, our flagship product. Harvest deconstructs users’ current and historical DeFi positions to present a time-series view of profit & loss (P&L) and risk metrics such as impermanent loss and delta changes on a seamless and intuitive user interface. 

BNB Chain users can access Harvest to view comprehensive data analytics on their current and historical DeFi positions across 80 protocols, including PancakeSwap, Venus, Alpaca Finance, Ellipsis, Tranchess, MDEX, ApeSwap, and more. 

BNB Chain Community Martian: How is Harvest by Treehouse distinct in the DeFi space?

Bryan: Harvest is the most comprehensive portfolio analytics platform in the DeFi space. From P&L to risk metrics such as impermanent loss and delta changes, Harvest analyzes transactions and blockchains to make data meaningful for the everyday DeFi investor. This is achieved through:

  • Multi-chain dashboard starting with BNB Chain and Ethereum;
  • Accurate and reliable systems connected to nodes and modeled after traditional finance institutional databases;
  • Comprehensive analytics on your DeFi positions.

BNB Chain Community Martian: Currently, Harvest only supports BNB Chain and Ethereum. How soon can we expect support for other notable blockchains? 

Bryan: As of now, Harvest supports 80 protocols on BNB Chain and 9 protocols on Ethereum.

We are constantly adding more protocols to Harvest. Do send us a request if you want a protocol to be supported. Harvest will cover Avalanche and some other Ethereum L2 chains by this year. 

BNB Chain Community Martian: After Harvest, does Treehouse have any plans for future products?

Bryan: Apart from adding protocols and features to Harvest, Treehouse will also be looking into risk management solutions and products that drive community innovation. 

We will launch a hedging platform to enable users to take immediate and seamless control of their DeFi positions in our next phase. Soon, we will also open a portal to allow our community members to publish content and earn rewards!

BNB Chain Community Martian: What type of users is Harvest built for?

Bryan: We have our sights set on various groups within the Web3 landscape! From casual traders who are still relatively new to DeFi to hardcore degens and even institutional investors whose day job is to DeFi, Treehouse aims to level the playing field and bridge the gap to greater financial inclusivity. 

BNB Chain Community Martian: How did the team come up with the idea of a DeFi portfolio analytics platform?

Bryan: When we were introduced to the world of DeFi and deployed capital into the first protocols, we realized that while existing tools could track current positions, no DeFi platform could provide in-depth analytics, historical metrics, and comprehensive risk breakdowns comparable to the platforms found in traditional asset classes. 

As professionals from traditional finance and technology firms, we set out to build Harvest to fill these gaps. Harvest indexes blockchains and deconstructs DeFi positions to present historical data, P&L, and risk metrics on a seamless and highly intuitive user interface. 

BNB Chain Community Martian: DeFi has yet to reach mainstream adoption. What are other products that Treehouse offers to help bridge non-crypto users into DeFi? 

Bryan: Treehouse strongly believes that knowledge transfer is key to driving financial inclusion. In line with this belief, Treehouse seeks to democratize access to information in the Web3 economy with high-quality research and well-curated insights made available to everyone for free. So far, we have:

  • The Canopy Collective – A daily email newsletter condensing the latest financial news into key insights and quick reads.
  • Learn DeFi – A compendium of evergreen articles ranging from fundamental ‘How to’ guides to thought pieces on various Web3 topics.
  • Insights – A series of deep-dives and technical analyses on thematic Web3 topics and DeFi protocols, published by Treehouse’s in-house research team.

BNB Chain Community Martian: What is Treehouse’s plan for growth in the upcoming periods, considering the market’s recent bearish developments?

Bryan: A key takeaway from last week’s events is that our industry needs to be able to comprehensively understand the macro, systemic, protocol, and portfolio risk in DeFi. Treehouse is a financial infrastructure firm. This means that our products will thrive in volatility; our users need us more than ever in a downturn. We will continue to focus on building and scaling real value-driven financial infrastructure products for the DeFi ecosystem to recover and grow.

Read our update to our community here.

BNB Chain Community Martian: How can the community stay up to date with Treehouse’s latest developments?

Bryan: You can follow us on our social media channels!

Part 3: Community Q&A

Best Questions

Telegram UsernameQuestionAnswer
1@irfanecruzWhat is the main reason Treehouse chose to support BNB Chain? Can you give us your thoughts about it?The ethos of financial inclusion lies at the heart of all our decisions at Treehouse. Working with community-driven ecosystems aligns with our commitment to building products for everyday people.

With affordable transaction fees and a diverse range of accessible applications, BNB Chain lowers the barrier to entry into the world of DeFi for both everyday retail investors and institutional traders.
2@ekt68Why is your system connected to nodes, and why is the system modeled after TradFi enterprise databases? By indexing the entire blockchain, Harvest can access the complete historical data associated with your wallet, dating back to your first transaction. This data is powerful; it allows us to deconstruct your DeFi portfolio and provide your P&L and net worth over time.

Our systems and nodes are modeled after tried and tested TradFi time-series databases to ensure that our information is always consistent, accurate, and reliable.
3@TinTin730What is Harvest? 

How can I get started with Harvest?

Is Harvest free to use?
Harvest deconstructs users’ current and historical DeFi positions to present a time-series view of profit & loss (P&L) and risk metrics such as impermanent loss and delta changes on a seamless and intuitive user interface. 

You do not need an account to get started with Harvest. Simply connect your wallet or input your wallet address. At the moment, we support connections with MetaMask and WalletConnect. We will add support for more wallets over time.

Harvest is completely free to use!

Treehouse’s driving principle is financial inclusion. We strongly believe that everyone, no matter what background, should have access to the same institutional-grade tools to confidently navigate DeFi. Some of our more advanced features that will be introduced to the platform in the future will have associated fees to ensure that we can sustain our ecosystem and keep working towards our mission.
4@mrSN321 How will Treehouse empower and shape the way users participate in the DeFi economy?

How safe is Treehouse? Does Treehouse collect users’ data?
We are working hard to help users understand their portfolio, risk, and P&L. We believe that these metrics, combined with our carefully curated and researched content (Learn DeFi, Insights, etc.), will help DeFi users become more educated about the space and make better informed financial decisions.

At Treehouse, we understand the importance of user privacy. Personal data is stored only to serve you better, and we will never share your information with third parties.
5@ikaFelicia02Treehouse just raised an US$18M seed round which is huge for project development. Could you tell us where Treehouse is going to allocate the funds?With the fresh capital raised, we will:

• Expand Harvest’s blockchain and protocol coverage
• Build new products and features for retail and institutional users
• Scale our infrastructure to improve user experience
• Provide high-quality research and well-curated insights
• Hire world-class talent across our offices

Part 4: Quiz

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To all the best questions and quiz winners, please message us on Telegram to claim your prize.

Thank you to everyone who joined our AMA with the BNB Chain Community! It was great to chat with all of you, and we look forward to the next one.

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