Our Mission

Building the best platform to deliver data, analytics, and risk management solutions to DeFi users, and to work with our community to innovate further.

Our Why

In today’s legacy financial system, the everyday person lacks access to financial instruments that should be available to all. This widening inequality in financial access perpetuates many of the issues modern societies face today. DeFi changes this by ensuring that underserved and underbanked communities are given access to financial services such as borrowing and lending, liquidity channels, and more. Through Treehouse, individuals are empowered to fully understand their risks and take action so that they can make better financial decisions.

At the core of it, Treehouse’s driving principle is financial inclusion. We take to heart the ethos that everyone, no matter their background, should have access to the same financial products and services.

Our Core Pillars

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Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive.
We study data to help users make effective decisions.

02 Analytics


Our Core Pillars

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The building blocks of reason and calculation, we collect and manage information to make the most sense of it.

01 Data

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We build tools to equip our users to understand, protect and hedge their DeFi positions and exposures.

04 Innovation

Create, Improve, Adapt, Repeat.
We form seeds to cultivate an avenue for DeFi inspiration and innovation.

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The spirit of distributed technology - we take heart
in working hand in hand with our community.

05 Community

Core Team

Applying tested data analytics & hedging solutions from the TradFi world to digital assets, Treehouse was built by the same people that previously managed, structured, and traded billions at these institutions.

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Our Backers

Backed by leading institutional investors in DeFi & TradFi

moonvault capitalglobal founders capital gfcbybitcoinhakobanjarancrccapitalbrookergroup